Disclosure of Risk and Safety Information

Please read the following information.

Lakeland Photo Walks does all that it can to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience in the outdoors and on the fells, but risk is an inherent part of the experience, so please be aware of this and take care.  I reserve the right to cancel / re-plan the trip if I deem it to be unsafe by extreme weather conditions, or by dangerous client behaviour – reckless acts, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Risk factors:

Rocky, gritty and slippery terrain adds to the chance of slips and falls - take care and don't be afraid to ask for assistance.

Sudden change in weather conditions - high winds and heavy rain will increase the chances of slips and falls.

Fatigue caused by physical exertion, dehydration or lack of food - risk of illness and slips and falls. Make sure you have enough to eat and drink and communicate any problems you might encounter immediately.

Exposure to steep ground - risky in itself, but can unnerve some people. Stay with your guide and ensure good communication, do not tackle anything that you're at all unsure of.

Rockfalls - take great care not to dislodge rocks, particularly on steep ground; if you do dislodge anything shout a warning straight away; keep a safe distance and away from the direct line of fall.

Crossing streams and rivers – danger of slipping and sustaining injury, getting wet and cold, getting swept away in strong currents.  Stay with your guide and party and heed instruction; cross together, holding onto each other’s rucksack straps or use poles for stability.

Loss or damage to your belongings - damage from water or from knocks against rocks etc.

Injury through contact with livestock - heed instructions about crossing farmland, keeping to correct routes and closing gates.

Road traffic accidents - heed instructions on correct use of roads when walking.

Getting lost - stay with your group and guide, follow instructions.

You must accept and adhere to instructions from your guide at all times.

What to bring

Good footwear, walking boots for fell walking, rucksack, waterproofs, gloves, hat, extra layers, spare clothing, a torch, camera gear, spare batteries, your camera's manual, a packed lunch, plenty of fluids and a notebook and pen if you like.  Obviously this varies with the seasons – for example, in Summer you might need less clothing, but more to drink.  If you’d like to try your hand at night photography you’ll really need to get wrapped up as we wouldn’t be nearly as active as on a daytime walk. Wellington boots are good for seascape photography, but not if we're walking a considerable distance.

Please take care to safeguard the area visited – keep to the paths where possible to avoid excessive erosion, take your rubbish home with you, and heed the advice when having to answer the call of nature.

Children must accompanied by an adult at all times.

Copyright / Use of Photographs
Unless otherwise agreed, I will hold the copyright to all images that I take with my own camera and am free to use them on my website and  Facebook business page. Prior permission will be sought if the images have children in them (names will not be used).

Stored Information - Information given will be strictly confidential and only used for contact and safety reasons. No information will be passed on anywhere else.

Before the walk you will be asked to sign a form acknowledging that you have read this page, also stating any medical conditions that you may have and providing an emergency contact phone number.
This does not affect your statutory rights or absolve Lakeland Photo Walks from its duty of care.